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Board Shape Editing

Board Shape Editing#

Certain Patchr lessons come with the ability to edit the shape of the printed circuit board. This article covers the collection of tools available to create unique designs.

Also note that more complex designs can be made as SVG files and uploaded into Patchr. Note these SVGs must use a single path and have one shape in it. Ideally the SVG should use mm as the unit of measure, which is what is used in Patchr.

Polygon tool#

  • click the polygon tool
  • click and move mouse to new location and click to draw lines
  • click near the starting point to finalize shape (or press enter)
  • press escape to exit drawing

Path tool#

  • click the path tool
  • click and hold the mouse button down
  • move the mouse cursor to draw a path
  • where ever you depress the mouse button will be the end of the shape and it will automatically close the shape with a straight line between the start and end points

Circle Tool#

  • click the circle tool
  • place the mouse cursor where the center of the circle should be
  • click and hold the mouse button and move the mouse cursor away from the center of where you clicked
  • release the mouse button when the desired circle size is met

Rectangle Tool#

  • click the rectangle tool
  • click and hold the mouse button down for the top-left corner of the rectangle
  • move mouse cursor until the desired shape / size is met
  • depress the mouse button where the bottom-right corner of the rectangle should be