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Learn How to Solder

What is Soldering?#

Soldering is the process of joining metal surfaces together using a filler metal to create the connection, and we call this filler metal Solder. We use soldering to create connections between a lot of things, but most commonly to create connections in electronic circuits. Nearly every electronic device you own has what’s called a printed circuit board, or PCB, in it, and each of these circuit boards has tens, hundreds, or even thousands of soldered connections depending on the complexity of the device.

A soldering iron being used to solder components onto a PCB

Learn how to Solder with Paper PCBs!#

In this video lesson, we learn how to create a safe workspace to solder in, as well as the fundamentals of soldering and electronic components. This lesson is great for learners of all levels as we create our own circuit boards out of paper and tape! Through this lesson, you are not only challenged to learn the fundamentals of electronics, circuit construction, and soldering, but also to design and fabricate your own fully-functional switch! How will you construct a switch to complete your circuit in this open-ended design challenge?

Download the paper PCB template from Patchr here, and start creating your own custom electronics today!

For additional information and support, view our step by step assembly guide for the Paper PCB Lesson here!