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Patchr Editor

Components placed on a PCB during the layout step of PCB design

The Patchr Editor is an online PCB design tool where you can learn, layout, and route your custom PCBs.


  • Layout
  • Routing
  • Ordering

Layout Tools#

With the layout tools you can place and rotate components on your PCB as well as verify there is no pad collision or components not fully on the PCB.

Component Placement#

To add a component to the PCB, simply click on the one you want to add and drag it onto the PCB.

Component Dragging#

If you don't have the placement right the first time. Want to move the component a smidge? Just click and drag it to the spot you want.

Component Rotation#

When you're designing a PCB ever millimeter maters, that's why sometimes it's helpful to be able to rotate the component footprint to maximize layout efficiency.

To rotate in the Editor, click the rotate tool in the toolbox and then click on the component you want to turn. Then click, hold, and drag the component to the orientation you want.

Routing Tools#